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The Athletics Pixel Ad Portal
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Million Pixel Track™ Athletics
Pixel Advertisement Ordering Instructions

To purchase space for a Pixel Ad, individuals must first register and login. Once logged-in, click the Buy Pixels button on the menu which will hide the lane lines.

Once the Lane Lines have been toggled off:
  1. Hiking Pole Reviews
  2. Best Dry Bags
  3. Click on an open block to place a pixel advertisement.
    New advertisements cannot overlap with existing advertisements and cannot be placed on the infield area of the track. An error message will appear should the advertisement be placed incorrectly. Advertisers will then have the opportunity to select another location or resize the advertisement.
  4. The login dialog will be displayed. Log in to the system (new users will have to create an account).
  5. Complete the information requested on each dialog that appears. Once all necessary information is collected, click on the PayPal button to pay for the order. Note that order may be canceled at any time during the ordering process (and all entered information will be lost).
  6. For complete, step-by-step, ordering instructions, see the Ordering Instructions page.

Advertisements are restricted to square or rectangular shapes. Advertising rates are listed in the Pixel Ad Rates page. Payments for Pixel Ads are made via PayPal. Advertisers do NOT need to have a PayPal account in order to use PayPal. Credit cards are accepted. The maximum amount that can be paid for a single order via PayPal is $10,000. To place an advertisement that exceeds this amount, please contact . Note the Terms and Conditions.