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The Million Pixel Track™ -

The Million Pixel Track™ web page is the first Pixel Advertising Portal for Athletics (Track & Field) and Sports.

Purchasing Pixel ads from this web site / advertising portal, is a cost-effective and inexpensive way to reach an international target audience of potential customers, and interested individuals and groups.

The Million Pixel Track™ FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page

  1. What is the purpose of this website? Why does it exist?
  2. The Million Pixel Track is a targeted advertising website with a focus on Athletics (Track and Field, Long Distance Running, Cross Country Running, and Race Walking) related products and services.
  3. How will the advertising dollars be used?
  4. Plans are in place for a progressive promotion campaign. As the number of paid advertisements increases, the promotional campaign will ramp up to higher levels. The campaign will include, but is not limited to, direct e-mail messages targeted to interested parties, postings on message boards, advertisements on high profile websites, and distributing other notices via the Internet. Further sponsorships and ties to selected high profile events and programs are planned. The number such associations is limited by the number of advertisements on the Million Pixel Track.
  5. How will my advertisement be promoted?
  6. Individual advertisements are not expected to be promoted. All advertisements will be promoted as part of the entire Track and Field Web Advertising Portal of the Million Pixel Track.
  7. What will happen with the proceeds from the advertisements?
  8. Once the advertising income reaches a certain level, the excess will be returned to the sport via sponsorship of coaching education opportunities (clinics, seminars, etc.), and athlete training programs (learn-by-do clinics, camps, etc.). We believe that offering educational opportunities for athletes and coaches is an outstanding investment, one that has long lasting returns.
    It is also possible for some of the proceeds to be used to sponsor competitive opportunities. Like all companies, we have to be careful when selecting any programs for sponsorship.
  9. How many visitors can I expect to my website from the Million Pixel Track?
  10. There is no way to predict how many visitors to the Million Pixel Track will visit the website of any particular advertiser. However, the Million Pixel Track has a counter that records the number of clicks on any advertisement (which equates to the number of visitors to the advertiser's website). As with any advertising vehicle, customers will be searching for products and services that they need at any given time and will visit those advertisers offering those items. These customers may return to the Million Pixel Track in the future as they search for additional products and services thus considering your advertisement and website again.
    As the number of advertisements increase, the number of visitors will increase. The Million Pixel Track is expecting to build to 5,000 visits per week in the first six months of operation. While there may be some seasonal variance, the number of visits is expected to average 5,000 per week.

Last Updated on 15 June 2006

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