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The Million Pixel Track™ -

The Million Pixel Track™ web page is the first Pixel Advertising Portal for Athletics (Track & Field) and Sports.

Purchasing Pixel ads from this web site / advertising portal, is a cost-effective and inexpensive way to reach an international target audience of potential customers, and interested individuals and groups.

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Date of Purchase Website Pixels Visit Count

College or University

2006-04-20 McGill Track & Field7000224


2006-06-07 Loren Seagrave, Sports Consultant300062


2008-06-14 Periodized Sport Psychology - Building the Bulletproof Athlete by Brian Risk700022
2008-06-14 Heat It Up! Achieving Full Potential in the Pole Vault by Brian Risk600010


2007-01-20 Glass Dragon Digital Publishing22500104

Relay Carnival

2006-04-20 Home of the Penn Relays1400079

Web Site

2006-04-20 DrTrack.com18000183
2006-04-20 This Day in Athletics (Track and Field)1500072
2006-04-20 Glass Dragon Web Design1000028
2007-01-20 Vinyl Letters by Buddy900013
2007-01-20 Signs by Buddy400020

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