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The Million Pixel Track™ -

The Million Pixel Track™ web page is the first Pixel Advertising Portal for Athletics (Track & Field) and Sports.

Purchasing Pixel ads from this web site / advertising portal, is a cost-effective and inexpensive way to reach an international target audience of potential customers, and interested individuals and groups.

Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc. Privacy Policy

The Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc., are committed to protecting the privacy of its advertisers. This policy describes the ways that personally identifiable and anonymous information about our online users and subscribers is gathered, our information sharing practices, and how online users and subscribers may request changes to the way this information is shared.

Personally Identifiable Information We Collect

We collect personally identifiable information when you provide it to us, such as when you register for site membership so you can place an order for an advertisement, or to otherwise communicate with us. Several of the services that we offer, including but not limited to placing an order for a pixel advertisement, require registration as a condition of use; when you register with one of our sites you are no longer anonymous. We may also receive information about you from other sources and add it to the information you have provided to us.

Information You Volunteer and How it Is Displayed to Others Online

The Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc., are not responsible for the information you volunteer about yourself in the course of discussions in any form of publicly accessible interaction, or information that you choose to make public in your member profile. As a member, you can view, correct or change your publicly available information at any time via the account management / member profile page. To view or change your profile, you have to login and select the edit account link. Personally identifiable information you provide as an advertiser on the Million Pixel Track™ is not shared with anyone except on an aggregate, statistical basis, except for the purposes of fulfillment and e-mail deployment.

What We Provide to Third Parties

Statistical Reports and Analysis

Naturally, the aggregate statistics that describe our online audience, which is often based on the information you provide when you register, or browse our sites, help us sell advertising and otherwise publicize the Million Pixel Track™, Glass Dragon Software, Inc., and their brands. The information we share under these circumstances does not contain behavioral or identifying information about any individual viewer or user, unless the individual has given us permission to share that information.

Mailing Lists

We do NOT make e-mail and postal lists of our customers available to anyone.

Any mailing sent to our lists is carefully reviewed before it is sent, and we monitor them to ensure they are used only for the approved purpose. Because of the difficulty inherent in tracking their use, we do not provide e-mail address lists to third parties except for service purposes such as deployment or suppression, as described below.

The Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc., do NOT provide profile reports or any other information on registered advertisers on our web sites.

e-mail and Postal Mail Deployment, Data Analysis and Other Data Services

We may provide customer lists and other information to third party companies who provide specialized services, such as e-mail message deployment, merge-purge (identifying and removing duplicate addresses) of lists, postal mailing, subscription fulfillment, customer service and telemarketing, research, statistical analysis, and other data processing. These companies work on our behalf and we do not provide our lists or other data to them for their own, permanent, use.

In order to comply with the Federal CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, we also may provide lists of customers who have opted-out of e-mail promotion for the Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc. products to other companies, so they can be suppressed from mailings those companies send on behalf of the Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc. In addition, if you unsubscribe from a mailing we send to our own list on behalf of a third party, your removal instruction may also be supplied to the third party and added to their own suppression file.

The Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc. Seminars, Events, Sites, and Other Publications and Services

As a customer of the Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc. you can also expect to receive relevant e-mail and postal offers for the Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc. publications, seminars, events, web sites, and other services. From time to time we are also able to secure and offer to our customers specially-negotiated discounts and new products from other leading companies. If you would prefer not to receive such mailings in the future, you can change your preference via the links in the previous section ("Mailing Lists").

Change of Ownership of the Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc.

The mailing list(s) associated with the Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc. may also be subject to transfer to another company in the event of a change of ownership. In this event, the Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc. or the new owner of the affected properties will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you and provide the opportunity to remove your name from the associated mailing list(s).

Anonymous Information We Collect


As you probably know, cookies are small pieces of information that many Web sites store on your computer's hard drive when you visit them. They don't tell us who you are unless you've specifically given us personally identifiable information. Cookies stored on your hard drive by a the Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc., site are not accessible to other sites.

At this time, cookies are used only for monitoring the login status of advertisers.

Like many other web sites, the Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc. sites use cookies to improve your experience with our online content. For example, we may use a cookie to identify members so they don't have to re-enter a user id and password when they wish to download a utility or order a pixel advertisement. By allowing us to better understand how users interact with the site over time, cookies also help us improve your experience and deliver more relevant content to you. Cookies may be created directly by our sites for these purposes, or by third-party companies operating on our behalf. However, our cookies do not contain any information that is, in itself, personally identifying.

You need not have cookies turned on to visit our sites, though cookies are required in order for you to be able to login to the site, place an order for a pixel advertisement, to track your advertisement status, to renew your advertisement, and to change and update your account information.

If you choose to become a member of the Million Pixel Track™ web site, you must have cookies enabled to access any member related pages (i.e., Member Profile pages).

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies but allow you to modify security settings so you can approve or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis.

Pixel Tags

The Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc. web sites do NOT use pixel tags.

Online Ad Serving

The Million Pixel Track™ is an online advertising web site, offering pixel advertisement to visitors. The Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc. do NOT to serve any additional advertisements when you visit our sites. No personally identifiable information is collected from visitors to the Million Pixel Track™ web site or when visitors to this site click on a pixel advertisement to go to the site of one of our advertisers.

Any companies we use to provide e-mail deployment services for our e-mail messages may receive personally identifiable information about registered users of our sites. The personally identifiable information, such as e-mail address, we provide to these vendors for the purposes of e-mail deployment is only used by them for that purpose and not for any other business activity.

Contests and Sweepstakes

The Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc. web sites may periodically conduct contests and sweepstakes. If you choose to enter, the data you provide will be subject to the official rules of the specific contest, as well as this privacy policy. Please read the contest rules carefully before you submit your data.

Changing Your Privacy Options

Update Your Registration Information

You can correct or change the information collected during site registration at any time at the account management / member profile page links shown above.

Update Your Newsletter Subscriptions

You can opt-in to newsletter mailing lists, or remove yourself at any time through the account management / member profile page or by following the instructions at the end of the newsletters you receive. Please allow 3-5 business days for changes to take effect.


We use reasonable precautions to keep the personal information you disclose to our web sites secure and to only release this information to third parties we believe share our commitment to privacy. However, we are not responsible for any breach of security or for the actions of these parties.


The Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc., web sites are intended for use by people of all ages. However, advertisements are NOT accepted from children, especially those under 13. No one under age 13 is allowed to provide any personal information or place an order for a pixel advertisement. Minors under the age of 18 are prohibited from making purchases, including pixel advertisements, on our sites.

If your children disclose information about themselves in our public discussion areas, they may get unsolicited messages from other parties. Accordingly, you should tell them not to do so.

Changes to the Million Pixel Track™ and Glass Dragon Software, Inc. Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time. Any modifications to our privacy policy will be reflected first on this page, so check back often. If there is a significant change, we will indicate on our sites that our privacy policy has changed and provide a link to the new policy.


If you have any questions on our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at .

Created: 20 April 2006

Last Updated: 12 August 2008

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